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MEGA Newbies and Vets Gam Jam 2021 Best Overall Game Awarded

Team 12 "Protagonist" Developed in 48 hrs. A Unity project.

A 2D, Top-down, Narrative game where you try to restore the memory of an elder through an emotional and time-shifting journey.

-Engaging dialogues

-Explore a beautiful and sad story

-Discover the truth about yourself

-Stylized character and art

-Evolving background music

-Collect 20 unique and meaningful objects

Emily Dickinson  "A Thought Went Up My Mind Today"

A Thought went up my mind today --
That I have had before --
But did not finish -- some way back --
I could not fix the Year --

Nor where it went -- nor why it came
The second time to me --
Nor definitely, what it was --
Have I the Art to say --

But somewhere -- in my Soul -- I know --
I've met the Thing before --
It just reminded me -- 'twas all --
And came my way no more --


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This game was really interesting. I'm quite intrigued by the overall story because it doesn't feel direct at all. I think this is up to interpretation and I'm still trying to put the puzzles together. It was an interesting experience and hope you make more games!

Thank you


I really enjoyed this. I like how you told the story from collecting all the objects. Keep up the great work! 



Neat experience! I like how the environment and character changes the further you progress, it’s a nice touch. The narrative was compelling as well.

Some feedback:

-After you give an item to the elder, the text disappears too quickly sometimes. I wasn’t able to read all the dialogue properly.

-After moving the character to the left, they immediately default to facing toward the right.

-When trying to pick up the music record, I picked up the certification/degree paper instead. (The hit box seems to be too big for the item.)

Regardless, great work on this! 


Thank you on those feedbacks and for checking out this game!


Thank you for your kind comment! (and your compliment on the story I wrote)




bob wu best programmer in the world

thanks poochi


This game is so great! I like the art style really well, the soundtrack really fits the general environment and mood of the game, and the idea of telling a story through item interaction, and the fact that the art of the character changes through the gameplay really surprised me! I do hope there's more contents to this game but I understand this is a product for a Game Jam so. Really great job!

Thank you! I will likely be collaborating with my teammates in future projects so there's gonna more similar contents.

Hi Noah, Thank you for your kind comment